Sofia Loewy is a professional free surfer, fashion designer and photographer based in Seignosse, France.
Her creativity flows in the worlds of fashion and photography, where she crafts distinctive designs and captures stunning moments through her lens.

She is both a model and photographer, which allows her to experience both sides of the camera. Her passion for modeling, fashion, and content creation fuels her artistic journey, making her a dynamic force in the industry.

Longtime passionate about photography, art and design Sofia decided to create Solo Studio to help brands find their image and voice while showcasing her minimalist and refined style.



Sofia Loewy was born and raised in Barranquilla, Colombia. After finishing school she moved to Paris, France where she studied Fashion Design and specialized in lingerie, sportswear, and swimwear at ESMOD Paris while at the same time continuing her career as a professional surfer.

After her studies, She moved to Hossegor, France where she now continue to exercise her passion in surfing and where she founded SOLO Studio.

Solo Studio is a digital marketing agency that specializes in a variety of high quality services including content creation, digital marketing, brand image, product design and more. We offer a wide range of packages to choose from,as well as custom packages tailored to fit your brands needs and budget.



At Solo studio our mission is to be the versatile partner that adapts seamlessly to the unique needs and budgets of brands, both big and small. Our mission is to empower businesses to tell their stories authentically and work together to create the content of their dreams.

We envision a future where creativity knows no bounds, where brands, regardless of their size, can harness the full potential of digital marketing and ensure that every journey to success is marked by creativity, affordability, and exceptional results.




Excellence is built on the pillars of Quality, Integrity, and Innovation. We relentlessly pursue top notch products and services, uphold unwavering ethical standards, and continuously innovate to exceed expectations.


Solo Studio embraces innovation, encourages originality, and fosters an environment where imaginative thinking flourishes. This commitment to creativity drives us to constantly push boundaries and deliver unique, inspiring solutions to our customers.


Professionalism defines our brand values. We approach every task with dedication and prioritize clear communication and reliability in all interactions. Our commitment to professionalism ensures trust, respect, and excellence in everything we do.